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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barn Owl ~ New Canvas Print

"New Canvas Print Release" 12" x 24" Due out this
month. Call or email for details and pricing.

The Original Painting titled: "Who's Who" has returned
from The Art of the Animal X l l l at the Bennington
Center for the Arts in Vermont. It was an honor to be
juried into the prestigious show.

I have had a great response from those who have seen it.
A new print release is expected to fulfill the requests for
same. The new print will be a canvas giclee sized at
12" x 24". If you'd like to order a print of this very Limited
Edition, please contract me to be put on the list.

It's been a very busy summer and zipped by faster than
a tornado! I hope everyone has had a great summer and
hope to hear many exciting tales soon.

My next show is in San Dimas in October. (Check the website
for dates) If you'd like to receive an invitation to my open
studio in November, please email or call the studio with your

Many new works are in progress, including birds of various
types (raptors too!) Fox kits, Bear and some kitties of course !

I'm looking forward to those stories of summer adventure!

Many are planning ahead for the holidays. If there is something
special you'd like painted for a love one or a treat for yourself, I'm
available for appointments at the studio to discuss your ideas.
(check website for contact information.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kestrel original ~ "Table For One"

American Kestrel, smallest of the falcon family.

This is the second painting done in acrylic on canvas. She is coming in for a landing on this weathered branch and dine on her catch.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

June and it seems more like spring here on the mountain. Yesterday it was foggy with drizzle. Perfect day

to paint.

This fishing bear is in the works. I still have areas left and right to work on. The splashes will be more defined upon completion. The foreground water has some detailing to work on as well.

I've set this piece aside and will continue work on an American Kestral .............

I am often asked by artists how I prefer to work. I've shown my drafting table set up with all reference material ready to work. For larger paintings an easel is necessary of course. However a flat surface makes for more stability for the intense detail.

The sun has come out this morning which makes it difficult to sit still for all the painting

detail ahead. It's such a nice day for a hike!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cougar Creek Gallery

Cougar Creek Gallery ~ Sky Forest, CA

This 1926 Log Cabin is now the new location of my Gallery. It was originally built as the Post Office for the Village of Sky Forest. It is indeed a challenge hanging art on the walls, however.... if there is a will, there of course is a way....

Besides a main room, there is a small one Antelope Kitchen, and a half bath adjoining my framing room and office. There are two decks front and back offering not only an excellent spot for the Musicians during Events, but.......also to paint outdoors.

The season here on the mountain has just started to gear up. The flowers are beginning to bloom. I look forward to old friends popping in and making new ones this year. Until then,

Sunshine and smiles to you, B

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Coyote Painting ~"The Clever Opportunist"

This new 9 x 12" original painting (also available in print)

was inspired by the clan of Coyotes living in my area.

This clan is so well fed, the fur on them is thick and shiny.

Sadly this good health has been gained by neighbors who leave their kitties and small dogs out. Coyotes are not the

only danger to small pets living in the wooded Mountains.

I certainly cannot blame the clever coyote. His needs are

simple and honest.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"The Art of Contentment" - The beautiful and amazing Snow Leopard. This new oil on board painting is sized at 6" x 13.5". It is available in canvas print as well as the original. This new work will (as well as other cats) be presented at the upcoming Nature Works Show and Sale in Tulsa, OK on the 22nd of February.
I am so looking forward to this show again this year. It's great joining old friends and making new ones who share the same passions. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods, please stop in my booth and introduce yourself! B