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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kingfisher ~ On the easel

It's been a while since I've updated on work.

We've just returned from BC, Catalina Island, La Jolla and Oceanside.   Lots of sun, snorkeling, kayaking fishing, and wildlife viewing!  

When time permits, I'll update images and details of this trip.  Check my other blog relating to wildlife images and travel. The Link is below on the right side.  (might take several days to gather all the info.)

In this update "On the easel" is an acrylic on board started between the trip to BC and the Beach.  I have a lot of detail left to complete both on the Kingfisher, branches, leaves and assorted lichens.

The inspiration for this painting came from the West side of Vancouver Island.  She did not want to hang out while I watched her fish!  However, I did capture a few nice shots to work with.

I'll be also uploading an image of another "On the easel" soon as well.  I'm putting in the first base coat now.  Something totally new for me!  I'm attempting an underwater scene.  Oh, we do get brave sometimes.  I say that while laughing now, right?  There is a lot of research involved in this painting.  I'm really feeling a bit challenged at the moment, but....... determination and a really good sense of humor will get me through it.    :- )