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Friday, December 17, 2010

Here is the latest update on my oil on canvas Elk Painting.  Today I'm trying ever so hard to keep my focus.  The Holiday is fast approaching and it seems more appropriate to bake cookies, plan for dinner quests and so forth.

I'll stay on task today and perhaps sneak out of the studio later for those cookies!  The dough is in the refrigerator waiting to be rolled out and cut with cookie cutters.  :- )

I'll be painting in the second layer on the antlers today.  This layer will simply define the grooves and directional growth on them.  As you can see, I've left a significant portion of the canvas vaguely defined with rocks.  I prefer leaving the canvas somewhat clean in preparation for many layers of washes which will still reveal them. This technique is only used with water.   I'll add more golden colors along with some dark shadows as these layers progress.  Under the hooves, the Elk has kicked up some bottom sediment.    The final few layers will reveal blue sky reflections and water movement.  

This is a rather large painting.  As stated in earlier post, 22" x 28".  Seems small size to some, but for all the detail I try to paint in, it's HUGE!  

Drying time makes for a slow process in this large piece. ( I've yet to find a happy resolve to painting water with acrylics which I have recently worked with) .  A challenge for a later day...    I'd say with the thin washes I apply at any given time, a couple of days sometimes more hanging on the wall is adequate.

When working strictly with oils, I might have as many as five paintings or so hanging on the wall between stages.  These days since also working with acrylic, it's not a matter of staging a rotation of paintings dry enough to return to.  I love that aspect of acrylic painting.     

I'll post a new progress image after I have started on the fore ground.    If anyone has any questions regarding my techniques, please feel free to post them.  I'll answer as soon as I can.  Of course, you can always email your questions for a speedier response.

Warm wishes everyone!    :- )

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Print Release

Brenda D. Johnson Wildlife Art website updates are being updated as I type this including a new print release of "Night Moves" pictured here.   The image size is  a 9" x 12".  This Giclee is printed on canvas.

Canvas prints are truly lovely!  Each signed and numbered limited edition looks much like an original painting.  Archival inks and cotton duck canvas gives you years of enjoyment and way outlasts old 4 color process methods.

Other updates added are a number of Small Works now available.  Look for Ravens, Song Bird, Polar Bear, Raccoon, and two mini Hawksbill Turtles to name a few.   These small originals come custom framed to bring out the best of the subject matter and overall painting.

There is still time to collect one of these new works as gifts for yourself and or your loved ones.

Follow the link to for more information.  Feel free to call the studio if you have any questions regarding payment methods, shipping methods or the Artists inspiration in reference to the piece being considered.  We look forward to hearing from Wildlife enthusiast always !  

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the studio of Brenda D. Johnson Wildlife Art !   :-)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

7 Point Elk ~ On the easel

This drawing of a 7 point Male Elk was started some time ago.  It was set aside to finish more pressing works due at that time.  I've pulled the canvas out and started working on it again.  It will probably take some time to finish.  One, it's a 22" x 28" oil on canvas.  Two speaking of oil there is the drying time in between the coats or washes and layers upon layers of hair and other details to add.

The background will be water.  He will be standing in a river, shallow where he stands.  Rocks will be visible beneath the surface.

I had chatted with a gentlemen last year who had really wanted me to paint in a background with a familiar area.  Often paintings that evoke a memory are the ones people are more likely to purchase.   He is right of course.  However, I LOVE water and painting it.  I've yet to paint water with these elements before so I'll just proceed for now with the original concept design.    

I'd love to sell works of course, however there are particular things that draw me in and get me excited about a painting.  In this piece of course the Elk is amazing but the water being challenging at best draws the enthusiasm even higher for me.

So it's back to the easel with an oil painting this time.  I will post it's progress as soon as time allows.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ravens ~ Squawk Box Trio

Original painting 6" x 12", Acrylic on canvas.
Title: "Squawk Box Trio".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yellow-Rumped Warbler ~ Finalized

So simple, clean.  Truly, it's difficult to leave well enough alone.  Even now, I itch to put even more branches in, perhaps some leaves.  But,  I'll resist for now.......  Keeping a painting simple is probably my biggest challenge.

I'm now starting the Eastern Grey Squirrel another 5" x 5" and.....  this one I can paint away adding and adding branches and leaves.  The squirrel is nestled within some branches giving him/her a protected feeling.

I'll post after I have a good start.  

:- )

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yellow-Rumped Warbler ~ On the easel

Almost finalized.  It's on to the third and most important phase of this painting.  Adding the seedlings and additional branches adds another dimension for depth.

It looks like I'll be starting the Eastern Squirrel painting tomorrow.

I have a really cool little photo taken up around Denali of a little frisky guy precariously tottering on some thin branches.  Lots of color in the leaves, etc.  It should be fun.

I will post this finalized painting and work in progress on the squirrel as time permits.

~(:-  )

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Warbler ~ On the easel

This 5" x 5" acrylic on board of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata) is in progress.  I'm hoping to complete this 
painting by Sunday.    

The background was air brushed in.  The subject and branch then
drawn and white paint applied to subject area.  I like painting on a white background so as not to end up with a muddy flat looking subject.

Also, I find it takes less layering to cover the under paint and get on 
with the details.  Always the fun part...

This original will be available at the San Bernardino County Museum
Wildlife Art Festival (dates and times listed below).

If time permits, I will also start work on a 5" x 5" acrylic on board,
Eastern Grey Squirrel.    :- )

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Squawk Box Trio

For about seven years, my husband Jerry and I traveled to Lake Powell, Utah.  We spent two weeks out on this river often hunkered down within an alcove protected by sun, storms and completely alone on our boat.   I found these reference photos a few week ago.  Boy, talk about a noisy bunch!  I believe these were taken on the Navajo Nation during an excursion taking in the sites in and around Page, AZ.

It was nice revisiting the area through photos and the reliving the antics of this pesky three.  Comes one 6" x 12" Acrylic on canvas titled "Squawk Box Trio".

Friday, October 29, 2010

San Bernardino County Museum "Art and the Natural World 28"

Only a few weeks away (painting time) the Wildlife Art Festival of the San Bernardino County Museum begins another weekend in celebration of Art and the Natural World.

My easel is full !   I have several pieces in different stages of completion.   I thought I would try some Ravens for this show along with another Mini Hawksbill Turtle.  I'll present two of these at the show.   

The larger 14" x 18" Bobcat painting might be a challenge to complete.  It's a full scene of rocks grasses with Mom and two kittens about 5 - 6 months of age.  Bobcats are a little time consuming given their beautifully camouflaged fur of subtle variations of color along the back.  With three of them almost full body to be painted  and framed in three weeks..... well, you get the idea.  I'll probably be burning some late hours!

Time permitting,  I have several reference photos of ideas just in case time permits maybe one or two more 4" x 4" paintings.

Of those images I've included a swan and some ever so cute juvenile skunks being at the top of the list.

Please mark your calendars for this event.  Stop by and say "Hello"!    This year I will be downstairs just behind the Featured Artist, left side of the isle.   Looking forward to seeing you!    :- )

Monday, October 18, 2010

Caribbean Cruiser Wins Silver Metal Award!

Caribbean Cruiser ~ 14" x 18" Acrylic on Board

San Dimas Wildlife Art Festival has always been a fun show for me.  It's a relaxing show to do and a short drive for many who come to see this event.  It's always great to see so many familiar faces and catch up with the events in their lives.   I'd like to thank all who were able to make it and stop by to say "Hello".

A special thanks to the event coordinators, directors and volunteers that make this show a joy to do!  

I'm also honored  to announce my painting, "Caribbean Cruiser" won the Silver Metal Award!   It came as a huge surprise because I really was unsure of how an underwater painting would be received.    I think it was a hit!  And I'm delighted to say, it has a wonderful new home with The Smiths!  Thank you!  

Linda Walker won a Gold Metal Award, Gary R. Johnson won the Bronze Metal.    Congratulations Linda and Gary!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Announcing New Print Release

Just in time for The San Dimas Wildlife Art Festival next weekend this new print release titled "Night Moves".  Offering 50 Signed Numbered Limited Edition Canvas prints and 5 Artists Proof prints on Canvas.    Image size: 9" x 12"

Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend!  :- )

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

14th Annual San Dimas Wildlife Art Show

                                             Untitled ~ 14" x 18" Acrylic on board Original

Finally!  Off the easel, this underwater Gulf Coast scene is ready for the upcoming 14th Annual San Dimas Wildlife Art Show.  The show will take place October 15th to 17th at the historic Walker House.

Opening night Preview and Reception is $25.00.  For information and or reservations to the reception call (909) 599-5374.  The reception begins at 6:00pm, dinner is served at 6:30pm.

The opening of the Art Show will be Saturday, October 16th, 9:00am - 5:00pm.  There will be an Artist Seminar at 1:00pm.  Art Appreciation Day is on Sunday, October 17th from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

For complete information visit the Festival of Arts website:

I look forward to seeing you there!  If there is something in particular you are looking for, please 
don't hesitate to call me at the studio! (909) 553-0171

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Belted Kingfisher ~

Finished for now, this acrylic on board will sit by the other finished pieces for the framer.

Size: 9" x 12"  Simplicity is often my biggest challenge.    I love all those lovely bits one finds in nature.  Whether it be grains of sand or multitudes of pebbles, it's difficult to
ever be truly finished.

I love the clean contemporary look
a single subject  can offer without it looking like a portrait. (my classical training often gets in the way here).   

Recently, I noticed my interest in birds has grown to the point that while looking through the thousands of photo references, the most recent have been of Raptors.  The enthusiasm is hard to curb.     So, look for paintings of Raptors after my commitments are met.  Why fight it right?

I'd love to hear comments on this piece as well as any questions you might have.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kingfisher ~ On the easel

It's been a while since I've updated on work.

We've just returned from BC, Catalina Island, La Jolla and Oceanside.   Lots of sun, snorkeling, kayaking fishing, and wildlife viewing!  

When time permits, I'll update images and details of this trip.  Check my other blog relating to wildlife images and travel. The Link is below on the right side.  (might take several days to gather all the info.)

In this update "On the easel" is an acrylic on board started between the trip to BC and the Beach.  I have a lot of detail left to complete both on the Kingfisher, branches, leaves and assorted lichens.

The inspiration for this painting came from the West side of Vancouver Island.  She did not want to hang out while I watched her fish!  However, I did capture a few nice shots to work with.

I'll be also uploading an image of another "On the easel" soon as well.  I'm putting in the first base coat now.  Something totally new for me!  I'm attempting an underwater scene.  Oh, we do get brave sometimes.  I say that while laughing now, right?  There is a lot of research involved in this painting.  I'm really feeling a bit challenged at the moment, but....... determination and a really good sense of humor will get me through it.    :- )

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Horned Owl - Small Works

Great Horned Owl -  I should have this piece finalized by the end of the day.  I have one more 8" x 10" Barn Owl in fight I must finish before days end as well.   I'll be spraying the final coat over five paintings in one sitting before weeks end then off to the framer.

For those not familiar with specifics on this bird I'll add this  information:

Great Horned Owl: Bubo virginianus L. 22" Wing Span 44"
Wt. 3.1 lb. (1,400 g)

Range, North America with exception to some  extreme northern reaches of Eastern Canada.  As in other owls, females average browner and more heavily marked than males. Birds in the western interior region are generally pale and  grayish in tone.  Southwest population very pale  and pacific populations are very dark.

They are found in wooded areas, mountain forest, desert canons, marches, city parks, and urban areas.

One of the earliest spring nesting birds, eggs may be laid in January or February through April. They will use abandoned stick nests of Herons or other Raptors, but will also nest in rock alcoves, tree hollows, building which are abandoned or even sometimes on the ground.
They usually lay 2-3 white eggs though sometimes up to 6.  The young fledge from the nest at 45-55 days old and can live greater than 12 years.  

They hunt at night generally but occasionally at daylight.  They hunt by sound to get a fix on the prey.  Their diet consists of squirrels, shrews, jackrabbits, mice, muskrats, skunks gophers, snakes and much much more!  So, if you have a domestic cat, please beware!  Snoockums could be the next tasty bit on this birds diet.  

Great Horned Owl - On the easel

This little painting is one of two paintings I've been working on for the last several weeks.  Plenty of interruptions, (life just does that).  A little about my method or madness here.  Firstly, it's an acrylic on Amperstand Claybord, 5" x 7".  The background simply airbrushed in.  The drawing over the top of the background then white paint over the subject area.  I don't care to paint the animal in over color.  The underneath color seems to wash out the colors on top. (to me flatten them.)  This method is ever so different than working in oil.  I like working with the wash of colors underneath to enhance the final outcome with oil.  (Flemish, some my recognize as my classical training in oil here)  I do think (time permitting) it would be interesting to try color washes that would read well.  I love seeing paintings with lovely nuances of color showing through.  However, they are generally painted in oil.  Something indeed to think about.  Warm or cool color on the other hand can be washed over the top of the final piece to "Pop or Drop" subject matter.  That's a lot of fun! 

I'll have to admit that I am not following my recent workshop teachings with Terry Isaac on this one.  I really don't like working over mid tones.  Or from dark to light.  I'm often feeling as if I am working backwards with acrylic vs. oil.  

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Bobcat and Cubs

This is an awesome sight!  Bobcat and four cubs!
It's apparent that she has had an excellent year so far to have so many.  This family will return again and again to this site.  The food source and water are there.  The rocks and boulders offer privacy and protection to raise this liter.  This is just one of many who have returned year after year since around 1992.

Many of my paintings of Bobcats have come from this location.   Wild Bobs!  Oh so cool !

I have started a drawing from this group of photo references.   For balance in composition however, I have chosen Mother and two cubs.   I'll be painting this one in acrylic.  I might not start the painting for a month or two, but it goes without saying the passion is there and I am itching to start it.

I've had to put several I've started aside to date for deadlines.   The 5" x 7" Great Horned Owl piece is almost finished.  (I'll post it once complete)  I'll begin this weekend on a 4" x 4" painting of a Saw Whet Owl.   Then it's on for a new deadline.

I've ordered some books from and have a project that is very exciting.  I'll need to research this subject matter completely before I even think about starting the painting.   I'm thinking about doing an underwater scene, something I have never attempted before.   

Jerry and I will be traveling a short distance to Catalina for Kayaking, Snorkeling and such.  Underwater camera gear..... Hmmmmm!   I love how the light rays dance through the water bouncing the most fascinating designs across whatever it hits.  I think it would be wonderful to be able to paint the luminosity of light and abstract design.    Always the challenges that keep this job fresh!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today I'll finish the leaves and flowers in the foreground of the Grey Squirrel.  I've yet to name this piece.  Often names simply do not pop up in my head.  Why is that?  

Perhaps it's because I am so excited about creating a new painting today.  I do like starting new paintings.  There is an element of enthusiasm associated with a new creations!  Of course I also have to pull off the vision in my head of it.  The challenge is often that which drives me.   

I'll pull out all the envelopes of photos compiled for each new concept and make the very difficult decision of which I should paint first.   Wolves?  Raptors?  Skunks?  More Owls?  

The one thing I think I miss about oil painting is that I can start as many as I want because there is the "dry time" factor.   It's truly a great excuse!  With acrylic, I'm finding that's not necessary.  But, I'm still starting one after another.   I do love putting those ideas down in concrete and committing to them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Domestic Cat ? Final painting

Completed "Jay" and now back to the Grey Squirrel.

I rarely paint flowers.  Not sure why,  I love flowers.  The Squirrel will have Silver Dollar Flowers it it.  My backyard is almost solid with them in early April through the end of May.    

It's foggy this morning.  The June gloom coming in from the beach fog has backed up and rolls over the mountains tops.  I love when it begins to lighten up and the sun rays begin to glow through.   I'll have my camera ready when and if it does today.

The fog is a good thing for me as I would much rather be outside taking reference photos.

I'm very much liking this acrylic.  I think I've learned a lot by just keeping on task with it.  "Jay" was painted on Amperstand Clayboard.  I'm finding that the clayboard absorbs the paint too much.   It's difficult  obtaining crisp clean color.   For my next endeavor,  I will roller on a coat of gesso and see that eliminates this issue.   The one thing I have noticed seeing other paintings in acrylic is that it does not have the luminosity and glow that can be achieved with oils.    I have a goal to prove this does not have to be.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Domestic Cat ? On the Easel........

One more on the easel.  This new piece is an acrylic on board.  The background has been air brushed in and the cat is in the rough stage of base coat.  The painting is an 8" x 10" in size.  Generally, I do like to paint in the eyes first.  Giving some life to a piece helps me feel the subject I'm working on.   I'll post as this piece progresses. 

Happy Memorial Weekend to all.  I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather.  Sunny California has certainly seen it's share of clouds and rain this spring.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Black Bear - On the easel.............

I've chosen these two bear cubs for an 9" x 12" oil on canvas.  Here I'm just starting the base coat.  After the base coat dries I will begin defining more detail in a second coat.     

The reference for these juveniles were taken at a location in Idaho.     I've produced a number of paintings from this trip.  Who can resist babies! 

It would be lovely to take another trip up that way.
Early to mid June is a great time to capture all the babies.   

It was in Yellowstone that I captured some amazing baby photos of Elk, Moose...........  

Of course, it's also a bit nerve racking to attempt to hike with all the Mothers in protective mode.   I did little hiking that year!!!!!!!  Grizzlies were out in numbers looking for easy marks making hiking simply out of the question for me.   

I'll post the progress on this piece as it develops.       Oh and again, I'd like to thank all of those who have emailed or posted comments.   They are always a pleasure and welcome!

On the Easel..... Grey Squirrel in Silver Dollar Plants

Several years ago a virus plagued our community and almost wiped out an entire population of Grey Squirrel.  Also effected were song birds, Mountain Banded Tailed Pigeons and who knows what else.

It's been at least two years since having the pleasure of watching these little comedians grace my deck and yard.

About a month ago, I saw one little one dashing up our street and head for the woods.  I was delighted to see it.  I'm hoping there is a mate somewhere close by and spring has brought us new little ones.   I've not seen any since and the babies would certainly be out in full force by now.  They breed a couple of times a year.

The photo references for this painting came from my backyard.  I had hiked down to the yard for photos of the most amazing year in blooms from the Silver Dollar Plant.  Lovely flowers in mass.

Of course, it was not uncommon to find my little friends there as well burying peanuts.  They will do anything for a peanut!  Hence the poses that day offered up by these little guys and gals.   It was a great group of photos indeed.  

The background on this piece was scumbled in and the med-ground painted in.  I've yet to paint in the flowers.   Updates as it progresses...............  

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flying Squirrel ~ On the Easel........... cont............

Moving along slowly..........  still more work to do on his hair and other fine details.

Mustering the motivation to paint when spring is calling is most difficult. The view of the forest and birds at the two feeders reminds me I need to get outdoors!    I need a hiking buddy for short excursions!!    Rain again on Sunday and Monday...........    so perhaps I can think about painting feverishly then right? lol, lol.........  :- )

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Flying Squirrel ~ On the Easel...........

Here's the update on the Barn Owl and Flying Squirrel painting.

I've spent a good portion of the day putting in tiny little hairs on the squirrel.

I hope to have this second layer completed so that it may dry enough to begin all over again next Tuesday.

In order for the hair to look real and thick, there will be many layers alternating color in this coat.

For those who have not seen one in person, their hair is much like a Chinchilla in feel and looks.

The last few nights, I have been able to hear them chirping in the woods behind the house.  They bred in Feb. and I'm sure the kids are out with Mom learning all the skills they will need to survive out there.

Fortunately, I have not heard the owls as of late.   The tree thinning pretty much frightened them off.
(Good for the squirrels, sad for me as I enjoy both)

Once he is looking real enough then back to the Barn Owl feathers....... Now that's a job!!!!!!  :- )

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barn Owl, 9" x 12" Acrylic on Board

I love the coloration of the Barn Owl.  Creating a glow around them is a lot easier than some species.  I started this one some time back and had to stop, set it aside for other pieces.    This painting is close to completion at this point.  I'll finish up the details on the owl and move on to the branch that he is preparing to land on in the foreground.  There will be several dead leaves hanging from the branches echoing or repeating the color of the owls back side feathers.

I've yet to name this painting at this point.  I find thinking up names a giant task.   Sometimes a name will come before the drawing is completed and other times, ....... a BLANK!    

I'm already looking forward to starting another American Kestrel piece.  The size is yet to be determined but close to 18" x 10 - 12 ".    I have all the reference photos out and ready to go for the drawing.   While looking through photographs taken at a local water fall, I discovered a picture of a rock slope with beautiful ferns attached to the side in cracks.  Several rocks jet out offering up a lovely location for the Kestrel to land on but carefully. (perhaps to swoop in on a lizard should he be so lucky).  

Then perhaps start another drawing of several wolves and will include water and reflexions.   Several years ago while in The Rocky National Park in CO, I took some photos of a creek.  There are a so many water ways there.  This particular spot was so beautiful with dried grasses glowing and reflecting on the waters surface.   I've seen many places in Yellowstone that looked a lot like this.  (same flora and fauna too).   I'm looking forward to painting more complex pieces with perhaps a story or two in them.  

Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Easel..... Barn Owl and Flying Squirrel painting

I'm back to painting today in the studio having had a couple of days off.
It's time for the barn own and flying squirrel to come to life.  I'll be working on them both before returning to the background and foreground in the painting.

The original idea and drawing included snow on the branches.  I thought that the light color might bring more depth into the painting.  I've obviously not completed that yet, but... the more I visualize the finished piece in my head the snow would indeed strengthen and add even more depth moving the branches  forward and tie the whites in moving down the painting.  

There are many design challenges in working outside the one third rule in a painting.  I seem to like going beyond rules to challenge myself.  It does create more work by going in this direction.   What are rules anyway........  I tend to like breaking them......   Makes for a less boring time of life.  Right?  ..... ha ha ha!    

I have back up on this philosophy!!!!  My oldest son has a Masters in Fine Art and believes that if we artist always follow the rules, it stifles creativity!  I can see his point so clearly!  Though, I'm sure many would disagree.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dire Wolves and Mammoths

My husband and I often watch the Science Channel and or Nat Geo in the evenings.   A recent documentary on the discoveries made at the La Brea Tar Pits prompted a visit there last Sunday.

The number of preserved fossils and variety found in the Asphalt pits there is the largest in the world.  A few to mention are Dire Wolf, Short-faced Bear, American Lion, Sabertoothed Cat among the Carnivores. Many Herbivores including, Columbian Mammoth, American Mastodon, Ground Sloths, Western Horse, Ancient bison, Dwarf Pronghorn, Extinct Camel.........(really!)

It's hard to imagine this ancient world standing on the grounds among all the high-rises, parking meters and cars honking!    The Museum has done a remarkable job covering the Ecosystem, environment through the periods up to and including the ongoing excavations.

If you are anywhere near the Los Angeles area.  We highly recommend a visit to the museum. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Video and New on Facebook..........Plus, new paintings in the works

There is a new video available to watch on Youtube featuring miscellaneous works.  I'd like to thank all of the nice comments and for taking the time to "Rate" the new video and also the video released about 7 months ago.  I really appreciate it.    If anyone wants to "subscribe" please do so.   You will receive updates when new videos come out if you Subscribe as well. 

I have one new video in the works!  This one will be a speed painting.  (Yea, I asked what that was also, ha ha ha!)

Basically, it's a series of photographs taken during the process of completion.   It will probably take a LOT of photos to produce this to make it work.  I'll be curious to see just how many!   The video can be accessed in the same location.

Also, now for all those Facebook users,  I have started a new page there as well for updates and general information new paintings and such.  While on Facebook, search:  "Brenda D. Johnson Wildlife Art"  I believe this type of Facebook page will prompt on your personal pages when updates are inputted.   Those interesting in following can simply click "Become a Fan".  

So yes, new paintings........  Currently, I am working on several. (oil takes drying time so I might have as many as five going)   I'm working on another Barn Owl, (this one in flight).  The Kestrel is in the drawing stage.  The reference for both birds are local scenes.   I love the fact that I can step out my back door and photograph the trees for reference.    

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Red Fox

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope the last year provided some excellent memories for you and this year we are all able to create the most memorable ever!   I wish all good health, and prosperity beyond your dreams! 

I have a list above my drafting table of painting ideas and animals I'd like to paint.  The list is often longer than time allows.  (Isn't that the case with most of us....)     I'll be painting more Raptors this year.        
Several years ago I drew three Red Tailed Hawk chicks in a nest.   I was going to include the female but ran into a creative block with her position and set the whole piece aside to work on other paintings in progress.   This is a piece I'd really love to work out and complete.      I'll probably start work again on it once all the "deadline" work is behind me.   Ugh!  don't you just love deadlines?  ha ha ha! 

I really appreciate them, thank you! 


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