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Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Video and New on Facebook..........Plus, new paintings in the works

There is a new video available to watch on Youtube featuring miscellaneous works.  I'd like to thank all of the nice comments and for taking the time to "Rate" the new video and also the video released about 7 months ago.  I really appreciate it.    If anyone wants to "subscribe" please do so.   You will receive updates when new videos come out if you Subscribe as well. 

I have one new video in the works!  This one will be a speed painting.  (Yea, I asked what that was also, ha ha ha!)

Basically, it's a series of photographs taken during the process of completion.   It will probably take a LOT of photos to produce this to make it work.  I'll be curious to see just how many!   The video can be accessed in the same location.

Also, now for all those Facebook users,  I have started a new page there as well for updates and general information new paintings and such.  While on Facebook, search:  "Brenda D. Johnson Wildlife Art"  I believe this type of Facebook page will prompt on your personal pages when updates are inputted.   Those interesting in following can simply click "Become a Fan".  

So yes, new paintings........  Currently, I am working on several. (oil takes drying time so I might have as many as five going)   I'm working on another Barn Owl, (this one in flight).  The Kestrel is in the drawing stage.  The reference for both birds are local scenes.   I love the fact that I can step out my back door and photograph the trees for reference.    

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