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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Red Fox

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope the last year provided some excellent memories for you and this year we are all able to create the most memorable ever!   I wish all good health, and prosperity beyond your dreams! 

I have a list above my drafting table of painting ideas and animals I'd like to paint.  The list is often longer than time allows.  (Isn't that the case with most of us....)     I'll be painting more Raptors this year.        
Several years ago I drew three Red Tailed Hawk chicks in a nest.   I was going to include the female but ran into a creative block with her position and set the whole piece aside to work on other paintings in progress.   This is a piece I'd really love to work out and complete.      I'll probably start work again on it once all the "deadline" work is behind me.   Ugh!  don't you just love deadlines?  ha ha ha! 

I really appreciate them, thank you! 


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