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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wolverine, Progress update

Yesterday in the studio was a productive one.  I'm very close to finishing this wolverine piece with a bit more work on the face, a little fine tuning here and there on the body.   Today I'll focus on the pine log.  It will begin to take a better rounded shape when I add more highlights, shadow and the amber glow highlighting the lower sides.  

As a look out my windows at the beautiful Pines and Red Cedar I am reminded of the peach and amber glow beneath the branches.  I love reflected light and color I see on many things here in the forest.  The lovely cast shadows and rays of light streaming onto the forest floor add so much dimension.  It's very nice having a reference to which I am painting just outside.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wolverine, "On the easel..... "

Currently on the easel a beautiful Wolverine.  At this stage I'm well passed the base coat and now pressing on with the fine details of the branches ( I will be adding more to the right side).   I've included a few detail brushes by Dynasty that I have enjoyed trying out.  Black Gold 10/0 which I'm particularly fond of for the REALLY fine hairs on the animal, 2/0 and a #3 for the larger areas.

Once this painting is finalized, a print will be available for the June fundraiser at The Anchorage Zoo.
The subject here is a Jenny who resided at the Zoo for many years.  I understand she passed away.
RIP Jenny.  She was indeed a beautiful animal and I'm sure was a lovely source of education for years.

"Oreo" has arrived at it's new home on Monday and is hanging on the wall.   The second painting will not be unveiled until later this month.  I'll post it for you later.    Above is a 5" x 7" acrylic on Amperstand Clayboard.