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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wolverine, "On the easel..... "

Currently on the easel a beautiful Wolverine.  At this stage I'm well passed the base coat and now pressing on with the fine details of the branches ( I will be adding more to the right side).   I've included a few detail brushes by Dynasty that I have enjoyed trying out.  Black Gold 10/0 which I'm particularly fond of for the REALLY fine hairs on the animal, 2/0 and a #3 for the larger areas.

Once this painting is finalized, a print will be available for the June fundraiser at The Anchorage Zoo.
The subject here is a Jenny who resided at the Zoo for many years.  I understand she passed away.
RIP Jenny.  She was indeed a beautiful animal and I'm sure was a lovely source of education for years.

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Marc Calvo said...

Fabulous Wolverine Brenda!, y love this picture bery much!; the Wolverine is one of my favorite animals y beliebe that the result of the picture will be great!.