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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Caribbean Cruiser Wins "Excellence Award!" at Nature Works, Tulsa

There are a couple of noteworthy updates to share.  March has started out quite nicely.  

Caribbean Cruiser pictured to the left has won it's second award.  This time an "Excellence Award" from the Nature Works show in Tulsa, OK.  I'm very honored and excited.

A print release is upcoming in a few weeks.  I'll be releasing 50 Signed - Numbered Limited Edition Giclee Canvas prints along with 7 Artists Proofs.

Check the website for updates and purchasing information on them.  They can be ordered of course now prior to release.  Simply contact the studio.  If you have a special Anniversary date or Birthday date, that number edition might be available now.  Feel free to check.

A second bit of news as well.  I've been contacted my Kennedy Publishing.  I have two images being included in the upcoming "Best of Wildlife" series.    "Mountain Heir" and "Bull Market" will be featured in this hard cover book.   I'll post more when the release date is firm.

I'm currently painting feverishly trying to complete a few paintings for upcoming due dates.  I've started the Flying Squirrel piece again!  I'm excited about getting back to this one.  More back lit critters!   There are several unfinished pieces on the wall in the studio.  They stare at me as if to say, "come ON", get with it!     Among them the Elk in the water, two juvenile bears and some Bobcats!!!!   

More as time allows!   :-)