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Friday, December 28, 2012

Warm Holiday Greetings from the studio of Brenda D. Johnson.   We are looking forward to another
lovely year here on the mountain and wish you and yours all the blessings of health and prosperity in the coming months!

2012 is almost over but certainly not all the wonderful memories associated with it.  Our summer 
was again spent exploring the southern California shores.   The weather was surprisingly warm this year which meant retreating to the water for relief.  Amongst the incoming waves were beautiful leopard sharks hunting for sand crabs.  One only had to stand in the waves knee deep to see them.
I did manage one decent photo of the leopard shark.  This one was rather large and it's markings
so striking.  Painting?  

We attended a family wedding this August back east.  The temperatures were mild.  Often trips back east are not pleasant with the humidity being so very high.  We took in some beautiful hikes along a few reserves were we stayed.  There are miles of trails to walk were we observed many wetland critters and birds.  We saw dear along the shores coming down through the brush for a cool drink.   I was hoping to see a few frogs but I think I managed to see the splash as we approached more often than not.

Until next year........ celebrate and be merry!