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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cat Portraits and quick Brush review

What keeps a painter out of trouble?  Lots of work!  This is Sam.   One of eight cats owned by a rancher collector and dear friend.

You might remember the lovely cat with the butterfly in its mouth painted last year.  Well this is her inside kitty.   We can often tell which kitties live inside by their bulk.  I'm pretty sure most if not all her cats have been rescued or saved from certain demise.   I applaud such generosity of heart!

As well as painting way here on "Oreo" (appropriately named), I've been trying out new 
brushes for the fine detail on smaller paintings.
This painting is a 5" x 7" acrylic on Amerstand  Clayboard.

So far, I'm finding a liner best for the finest hairs.  I think I've come up with an idea on a brush design for adding multiple hairs at once.    I will be presenting this idea later to a manufacturer.

Currently,  the brushes I've tried are a Simply Simmons # 2/0,  and Loew Cornell JS Mid Liner #10/0.
though both get the job done, they have particular  design traits that consume way too much time per stroke.  They are too soft and or in the case of the Simmons 2/0, hold too much paint and to tap it out prior to each stroke.   Sounds crazy I know......  The perfect brush or brushes I've used in years passed were discontinued.

The brush shown in the photo above is a Dynasty Black Gold #0  liner.  This brush along with others of the same manufacturer are very well made.  I'm finding this liner quite nice in applying single extremely fine hairs to Oreo.    I have other Dynasty Brushes to try out.  I'll be sharing those experiences as well in the future.  I'll post when those examples and reviews are up.

I have another Tabby I'm currently working on.  As it's a commissioned gift, I cannot post it until after it's been presented to its recipient.    I'm particularly proud of this little gem.  I'll post my "new brush experiments" along with the painting when appropriate.