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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ravens ~ Squawk Box Trio

Original painting 6" x 12", Acrylic on canvas.
Title: "Squawk Box Trio".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yellow-Rumped Warbler ~ Finalized

So simple, clean.  Truly, it's difficult to leave well enough alone.  Even now, I itch to put even more branches in, perhaps some leaves.  But,  I'll resist for now.......  Keeping a painting simple is probably my biggest challenge.

I'm now starting the Eastern Grey Squirrel another 5" x 5" and.....  this one I can paint away adding and adding branches and leaves.  The squirrel is nestled within some branches giving him/her a protected feeling.

I'll post after I have a good start.  

:- )

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yellow-Rumped Warbler ~ On the easel

Almost finalized.  It's on to the third and most important phase of this painting.  Adding the seedlings and additional branches adds another dimension for depth.

It looks like I'll be starting the Eastern Squirrel painting tomorrow.

I have a really cool little photo taken up around Denali of a little frisky guy precariously tottering on some thin branches.  Lots of color in the leaves, etc.  It should be fun.

I will post this finalized painting and work in progress on the squirrel as time permits.

~(:-  )

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Warbler ~ On the easel

This 5" x 5" acrylic on board of a Yellow-Rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata) is in progress.  I'm hoping to complete this 
painting by Sunday.    

The background was air brushed in.  The subject and branch then
drawn and white paint applied to subject area.  I like painting on a white background so as not to end up with a muddy flat looking subject.

Also, I find it takes less layering to cover the under paint and get on 
with the details.  Always the fun part...

This original will be available at the San Bernardino County Museum
Wildlife Art Festival (dates and times listed below).

If time permits, I will also start work on a 5" x 5" acrylic on board,
Eastern Grey Squirrel.    :- )

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Squawk Box Trio

For about seven years, my husband Jerry and I traveled to Lake Powell, Utah.  We spent two weeks out on this river often hunkered down within an alcove protected by sun, storms and completely alone on our boat.   I found these reference photos a few week ago.  Boy, talk about a noisy bunch!  I believe these were taken on the Navajo Nation during an excursion taking in the sites in and around Page, AZ.

It was nice revisiting the area through photos and the reliving the antics of this pesky three.  Comes one 6" x 12" Acrylic on canvas titled "Squawk Box Trio".