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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Horned Owl - On the easel

This little painting is one of two paintings I've been working on for the last several weeks.  Plenty of interruptions, (life just does that).  A little about my method or madness here.  Firstly, it's an acrylic on Amperstand Claybord, 5" x 7".  The background simply airbrushed in.  The drawing over the top of the background then white paint over the subject area.  I don't care to paint the animal in over color.  The underneath color seems to wash out the colors on top. (to me flatten them.)  This method is ever so different than working in oil.  I like working with the wash of colors underneath to enhance the final outcome with oil.  (Flemish, some my recognize as my classical training in oil here)  I do think (time permitting) it would be interesting to try color washes that would read well.  I love seeing paintings with lovely nuances of color showing through.  However, they are generally painted in oil.  Something indeed to think about.  Warm or cool color on the other hand can be washed over the top of the final piece to "Pop or Drop" subject matter.  That's a lot of fun! 

I'll have to admit that I am not following my recent workshop teachings with Terry Isaac on this one.  I really don't like working over mid tones.  Or from dark to light.  I'm often feeling as if I am working backwards with acrylic vs. oil.  

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