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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Domestic Cat ? Final painting

Completed "Jay" and now back to the Grey Squirrel.

I rarely paint flowers.  Not sure why,  I love flowers.  The Squirrel will have Silver Dollar Flowers it it.  My backyard is almost solid with them in early April through the end of May.    

It's foggy this morning.  The June gloom coming in from the beach fog has backed up and rolls over the mountains tops.  I love when it begins to lighten up and the sun rays begin to glow through.   I'll have my camera ready when and if it does today.

The fog is a good thing for me as I would much rather be outside taking reference photos.

I'm very much liking this acrylic.  I think I've learned a lot by just keeping on task with it.  "Jay" was painted on Amperstand Clayboard.  I'm finding that the clayboard absorbs the paint too much.   It's difficult  obtaining crisp clean color.   For my next endeavor,  I will roller on a coat of gesso and see that eliminates this issue.   The one thing I have noticed seeing other paintings in acrylic is that it does not have the luminosity and glow that can be achieved with oils.    I have a goal to prove this does not have to be.

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