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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today I'll finish the leaves and flowers in the foreground of the Grey Squirrel.  I've yet to name this piece.  Often names simply do not pop up in my head.  Why is that?  

Perhaps it's because I am so excited about creating a new painting today.  I do like starting new paintings.  There is an element of enthusiasm associated with a new creations!  Of course I also have to pull off the vision in my head of it.  The challenge is often that which drives me.   

I'll pull out all the envelopes of photos compiled for each new concept and make the very difficult decision of which I should paint first.   Wolves?  Raptors?  Skunks?  More Owls?  

The one thing I think I miss about oil painting is that I can start as many as I want because there is the "dry time" factor.   It's truly a great excuse!  With acrylic, I'm finding that's not necessary.  But, I'm still starting one after another.   I do love putting those ideas down in concrete and committing to them.


Sandy Byers said...

Hi Brenda,
I'm so glad I found your work; it is so heartfelt and beautifully rendered. I, too, enjoy working on the claybord surface. I have used it mostly for oils and like adding a coat of gesso to it first so it doesn't soak up the paint too quickly.

I will be back to see more of your great work!

Brenda D. Johnson said...

Hi Sandy, Thanks oodles for the comments. Yes, learning curves continue forever. The challenges are never ending that is what keeps me going in art I think. I love it. Your names sounds so familiar! I love your profile photo of the kitty! wonderful lighting!

I think Terry Isaac was the one who said he found claybord so absorbent. It causes more work!!!!! He uses un-tempered board purchased at the lumber supply, then gessos that. I love how smooth the claybord is. I too have used this board for oil. I'd like to experiment also with pencil work just for fun. Thanks again, look forward to chatting with you.