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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Barn Owl, 9" x 12" Acrylic on Board

I love the coloration of the Barn Owl.  Creating a glow around them is a lot easier than some species.  I started this one some time back and had to stop, set it aside for other pieces.    This painting is close to completion at this point.  I'll finish up the details on the owl and move on to the branch that he is preparing to land on in the foreground.  There will be several dead leaves hanging from the branches echoing or repeating the color of the owls back side feathers.

I've yet to name this painting at this point.  I find thinking up names a giant task.   Sometimes a name will come before the drawing is completed and other times, ....... a BLANK!    

I'm already looking forward to starting another American Kestrel piece.  The size is yet to be determined but close to 18" x 10 - 12 ".    I have all the reference photos out and ready to go for the drawing.   While looking through photographs taken at a local water fall, I discovered a picture of a rock slope with beautiful ferns attached to the side in cracks.  Several rocks jet out offering up a lovely location for the Kestrel to land on but carefully. (perhaps to swoop in on a lizard should he be so lucky).  

Then perhaps start another drawing of several wolves and will include water and reflexions.   Several years ago while in The Rocky National Park in CO, I took some photos of a creek.  There are a so many water ways there.  This particular spot was so beautiful with dried grasses glowing and reflecting on the waters surface.   I've seen many places in Yellowstone that looked a lot like this.  (same flora and fauna too).   I'm looking forward to painting more complex pieces with perhaps a story or two in them.  


Karen McLain said...

The barn Owl is wonderful. I know what you mean about finding titles for some paintings. When I look at this piece, the first thing that came to mind was, "In a Whisper". Lovely work!

Brenda D. Johnson said...

Thank you Karen. I love your suggestion for a title for this piece. Often the "fresh eye" or a first reaction from a viewer is so important. Your title is so appropriate! That's great! Thanks so much for commenting and definitely love "In a Whisper".