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Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Easel..... Barn Owl and Flying Squirrel painting

I'm back to painting today in the studio having had a couple of days off.
It's time for the barn own and flying squirrel to come to life.  I'll be working on them both before returning to the background and foreground in the painting.

The original idea and drawing included snow on the branches.  I thought that the light color might bring more depth into the painting.  I've obviously not completed that yet, but... the more I visualize the finished piece in my head the snow would indeed strengthen and add even more depth moving the branches  forward and tie the whites in moving down the painting.  

There are many design challenges in working outside the one third rule in a painting.  I seem to like going beyond rules to challenge myself.  It does create more work by going in this direction.   What are rules anyway........  I tend to like breaking them......   Makes for a less boring time of life.  Right?  ..... ha ha ha!    

I have back up on this philosophy!!!!  My oldest son has a Masters in Fine Art and believes that if we artist always follow the rules, it stifles creativity!  I can see his point so clearly!  Though, I'm sure many would disagree.

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