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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter in the studio ~ On the easel

The cool winter temperatures are keeping the studio a bit chilly.  Oil paintings back on the wall and on to a bit of acrylic painting for now.

On the easel now for a week or so is this cougar with miles to go. (so it seems)  She is a beautiful cougar and I love painting her.  She has a sweet face as cougars go.

I've started on the eyes which I find draws me into the painting process easier.  Today I'll work my way down through the base coats from the mouth down to the base of the painting and back to the upper areas filling in the thickness of the hair and it's details.

The holidays are fast approaching.  It's comes on way to fast for comfort given what I would like to accomplish before hand.    

I've not painted a cat (my favorite) in some time.   It's always a good thing to throw in a kitty to warm up the brushes and my heart.


Carol Reynolds said...

This looks fantastic already, Brenda. I will look forward to the completed painting.

Brenda D. Johnson said...

Thanks oodles Carol. I'll have another update on this one very soon. I've changed a number of things on the painting as well and think it will be more compelling piece. I'll let the audience be the judge of course. Ha ha ha ! Be posting soon. Thank you ! : ) : )