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Monday, November 04, 2013

On the easel... Fall in the studio

This is a view from my studio today.  I was reminded by a friend that it has been almost a year since I updated.  She's right.  My apologies to those who were attempting to follow my work.

This has been a crazy year filled with all those things that make life what it is.  One of those crazy experiences life handed me was months with double vision.  Trying to paint seeing two paint brushes in my hand at one time was a little much.  Well, I'm happy to say after months of treatment, I am seeing only ONE brush. (thank you very much!  ha!)  With that said, I am happy to announce, I'll be busy working once again in the studio.  I'm ready!  

Currently on the easel is a commission that I can't share until after the holidays least I spoil a surprise for the recipient of this little treasure.   I have one commission of a cat as well.  Once the weather warms up just a bit, (California weather changes often this time of the year) I can start to airbrush the background in.  I'll share that one as it progresses.  It should be a really fun one to do.  

Do you remember the wolves from past posts?  I'll be returning to those paintings once I've completed the two commissions.  Who doesn't love wolf pups, right?  I'm very excited about the larger of the two in the works. The larger painting will feature 5 pups.   I'll keep the blog updated more frequently once the work on those two begin.   In the mean time thanks for your patience!!!  

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