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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm delighted to say this painting of the Barn Owl and Flying Squirrel is finally complete.

There are many design challenges that went along with its concept.  I was determined to overcome them.  I believe I have.   

The branches basically tie these two subjects together.  There are two parallel lines, upper and lower almost presenting two separate paintings.  The "Z" created in the added branches help the eye flow through this piece.

The story here is one that is totally realistic in the wild.  Lunch, dinner or otherwise, this Owl has found it's prey and must navigate the thick wooded area through many branches!  It would be too realistic for most if this little flying squirrel did not escape this day!   It's my story, so please find relief that the owl will have to find something else for his meal.  He escaped!

The medium is acrylic painted on clayboard.  The size is 12" W x 24" H.

On the easel now is a small cotton tail and Saw Whet Owl.  I have a few days left to complete them.  As they are smaller and less complicated, it should not be that difficult.

I have one commission to start up again next week.  Clients can only be so patient, deadlines, shows or what!   This commission is a fun piece.  It depicts a cat snooping it's way the the weeds.  Cats love to do this playing "the hunter".   They are delightful to watch!  I find great humor it it!

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