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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sea Otter ~ Aquarium of the Pacific ~ Time to study !

Probably the best thing about being a wildlife artist is the field work necessary to capture the best representation of the subjects or habitat being worked on.  In my case, the recent work on my Pacific Underwater painting has come to a point were my reference is somewhat inadequate.    So off I go again to gather those necessary refreshers on the subject; the southern sea otter (Enhydra lutris nersis).

Luckily the Aquarium of the Pacific offers up a very nice exhibit to observe and study this little darling of the sea.

A dear friend has offered to ride along and enjoy the day with me.  She is an artist in her own right and loves nature and wildlife as much as me.    I love my job!  Great friends and wildlife go together very well.   : )

The image I have posted here is of one tank among many at the aquarium.   Rather sets the mood I think!   I can't wait !

I was thinking about posting some of the finds on my other blog as well as this one.  So, with that, check back and follow the Wildlife with Brenda D. Johnson blog. for the next update on Pacific Otters and more.    : ) 

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