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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On the easel ~ Saw Whet Owl

It’s been a varied summer so far combining painting, field trip studies and a trip to Ohio for several weeks.

I’ve started more paintings than I think I’ll ever be able to complete
and had to set them aside for more pressing ones with deadlines.

The field trip (mentioned in the previous post) will be on my companion blog for those who are interested in the pacific underwater
piece.   Of course, I’ve just returned from Ohio only Monday so
that adventure (and an interesting one) will be forthcoming as well.

There is approximately three weeks at the easel and off on yet another adventure.  I’ll be spending some time at the beach with dual purpose,
both fun and reference photos.  

My next show is in October and I’ll be finishing up some small works
for that venue. (check my main website calendar for dates).

There are several reference photos that look interesting for same; i.e.   The Saw Whet Owl I’m in the process of painting now, and I was thinking of painting a beautiful swan.  I have a dove in a nest in which the colors are amazing that I might squeeze in as well. 

I’m missing my favorite subject cats !  It’s been some time since I painted one and feel an itch to do so.  It’s often so hard to decide
which subject to paint.  Too may options!

Here is the beginnings of the little owl.  It’s a 5” x 7” acrylic on board.


Classroom Activities said...

Good one. Amazing!!!

Brenda D. Johnson said...

Thank you so much for the VERY nice comment. Those are always inspiring ! : ) : )

peter said...

seems like you are a professional artist.. nice painting..

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