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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Peacock ~ On the easel...

Here is a little update on the progress of this Peacock painting I've inched my way through.

I've just started the feathers behind the neck.  I thought the long plumes were going to be difficult, not so.   I'm finding these short brilliantly colored  ones to be quit interesting and complex.

I have about a third of this piece reasonably done.  There are always that last  bit of washes of color here and there.  Given the long thin design of this painting I'll be particularly careful to use a slight color theory to pop shadows in such a way to draw the viewers eye up and around through the piece.  I'm certainly not that far yet however.

I read a comment on Facebook written by a gentlemen in India.  He seemed particularly interested in this piece as it is the National Bird of India.

Does that spark your curiosity?  It does mine!   I'll be doing a bit of research on that subject when time permits.  This particular bird does seem appropriate as their national bird.  I'll post what I find.  It just might be an interesting read.  I know it will be for me.   Warm thoughts your way on this very chilly day on the mountain.   :-)

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